Document Generation

Even in today’s world, 70% of all processes are still paper and e-mail based. And a large majority of these documents are produced manually, which can lead to a whole host of issues. Document Generation solves these issues by enabling you to create templates of documents that you produce on a regular basis and allows you to intelligently assemble them by passing in the data you have within your organisation, using the business rules that you define. The resulting document or suite of related documents can then be fed into downstream processes.

How document generation works.

Create a template

Turn a document into an intelligent template using the designer - embedding placeholders for data, business rules and connecting to your line of business data.

Publish a template

Test, approve, then release the template to a central repository that will be made available throughout your organisation, allowing people to generate documents from it.

Execute a template

Allow users or other business applications to call the template repository and request a document to be generated, including references to the data to be used.

Process the documents

Take the generated document and push it to the next destination, for example an e-signature tool, approval workflow, or to your document management solution.

Why use a document automation platform?

Eliminate errors

How often do you receive correspondence or documentation from a company that is riddled with errors, or even worse, someone else’s data. Manual production of documents can lead to the inclusion of paragraphs that shouldn’t be there, the omission of clauses that should, and relies on inherent knowledge of how the document is structured. Our document automation tool, with its rules based templating system, ensures that only the correct information and document parts are included in your final documents, eliminating the possibility of inaccurate document production.

Enhance brand management

Documents form such a large part of how we conduct business that they, in a sense, become the face of our company. And, as such, controlling the output issued becomes incredibly important. We see it all the time in organisations; that depending on who you are dealing with, the documentation you receive looks different. Ensuring brand management becomes a burden if you create documents manually, even if you have rudimentary, Word-style templates. Our document automation platform provides the capability to ensure that all of the documents you produce are consistent, on brand, and ultimately present the best of your organisation to your customers.

Ensure compliance

In many industries there are rules around what makes a compliant document. What clauses need to be where. What wording needs to be used and what data can be shared. But when production of documents is completed manually, these procedures and governance rules can be missed. Using document automation, templates can be created to ensure that the documents you produce contain everything you need to be compliant, that all the data you have in them is from your one source of truth, and that they are constructed using your own business rules, aiding your auditability.

Our partner for Document Generation

DocFusion automates content creation for companies through its dynamic template-driven document composition and automation engine. DocFusion was founded in 2006 and has offices in New York City, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa.