Intelligent Document Processing

Even as we venture ever further into a world where AI can help us to do our jobs, many companies still spend significant amounts of time manually extracting data from documents and inputting into other systems. As well as the time factor, the risk of human error when analysing, extracting and rekeying information is also significant.


Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) allows you to automatically process information from documents and transform the way your business operates. IDP uses AI and works across several steps to reduce manual effort, processing time and cost:

  • AI technology scans and classifies documents
  • Data of value to your organisation is extracted
  • Extracted data is organised and presented/stored accessibly
Intelligent Document Processing-DocAquire

Why use intelligent document processing?

Quickly extract data from any document

Automatically process information from documents in seconds.

Create frictionless workflows

Find, extract, process and transform data into workflows without human intervention.

Easily unlock unstructured data

Routinely classify text by topic, sentiment, intent, keywords, named entities and more

Effortlessly manage multiple data streams

Collate and process all inbound information in one place

Our intelligent document processing partner

DocAcquire is a leading provider of intelligent document processing. The tool allows you to create frictionless workflows by unlocking the critical value buried within unstructured documents received every day from customers, suppliers and employees by post, paper, email, fax, social media and other electronic document streams.

Why use intelligent document processing?

Process documents from any source

Acquire from any Source

DocAcquire is your universal hub. Automatically consolidate and process documents from all streams.

Machine learning

Recognise and Extract

DocAcquire applies machine learning to classify, recognise and extract key information from documents with great accuracy.

Varify and Enrich

Ensure guaranteed perfect data flows into your line of business systems. DocAcquire makes it easy for exceptions to be handled quickly.

Perfect Data Where it Matters

Validate, enrich and review your data to eliminate errors that can be costly and time-consuming when caught later in the pipeline.

Connect and integrate

Connect and Integrate

DocAcquire connectors and open APIs enable integration with line of business systems to get up and running fast.

automate document workflows

Automate Document Workflows

Automatically collect documents from various entry points and classify, understand and deliver the data to the correct place.