Our automation memberships

Successful automation is not a one-off exercise, it is a constant program of planning, execution and innovation. Our membership packages are designed to provide a platform for us to partner with you and provide a base-line set of engagement frameworks to ensure ongoing automation success.


Companies are all at different stages of their automation journey, and we have membership packages to cater for the support you need. Whether you are solving a particular problem as a starting point, growing your automation practice or innovating in and around an established practice, we have you covered.


Start your membership free of charge, join our automation community and begin brainstorming ideas, discussing technology, learning what other people are doing and discovering what is possible.

What's included?

  • Virtual brainstorming sessions

  • Automation technology briefing videos

  • Group briefings (Lunch and Learn) (x2)

  • Access to jaam people placement service


Our Solve membership helps you get your automation journey started. From idea to automation, we guide you through the initial steps in solving automation challenges in your business.

What's included?

  • Automation discovery workshop

  • Automation Proof of Value

  • Proof of Value showcase

  • Building a business case

On success we will stay engaged with you through the remainder of the year providing:

  • Automation practice workshop

  • Automation technology briefings (x2)

  • Group briefings (Lunch and Learn) (x2)

Or you can move straight to our Grow membership.


So you’re on your automation journey, but feeling like you could do more? This one is for you. We take the great foundations you have and help you to automate more within your business.

What's included?

  • Automation Proof of Value

  • Automation health check and RoI assessment (x 2)

  • Automation technology briefings (x4)

  • Automation improvement workshops (x2)

  • Technology advisory and mentoring (10 hours per year)

  • Group briefings (Lunch and Learn) (x4)

  • Member days (x2)

  • Technology assets (instant access)

  • Establish, run, and grow an automation practice programme (assets and 3 days)

  • RoI pack


Automation is a fundamental part of your business, however, you’re struggling to drive new technology adoption across new areas or move away from the norm. Let us help you become an innovator in your market.

What's included?

  • Automation health check and RoI assessment (x2)

  • Technology advisory and mentoring (10 hours per year)

  • Group briefings (Lunch and Learn) (x4)

  • Automation hackathons (x2)

  • Exclusive member days (x2)

  • Exclusive resources

  • Continuous improvement automation practice programme

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