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What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform is a low-code platform from Microsoft that allows you to quickly build business apps, tools, processes and reports customised to your organisation’s needs.

Several Microsoft solutions make up Power Platform, providing a toolbox that offers:

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Power Apps

App building

PowerAutomate scalable

Power Automate

Process automation

PowerBI scalable

Power BI

Reports and real-time insights

microsoft AI Builder icon

AI Builder

Integrated AI capability

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Data management and storage

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Power Pages

Website creation

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Power Virtual Agents

Conversational AI

The tools that make up Microsoft Power Platform allow organisations to build low-code solutions to business challenges, streamline processes with no-code automation, harvest intelligent insights from diverse data streams and more.  Microsoft Power Platform components include:

Even as a low-code platform, the full capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform can be tricky to navigate, so there’s a risk that the Power Apps developed internally may not fully align with what your organisation needs – and this is where the experts at jaam automation can help

Why work with jaam to implement automation using Microsoft Power Platform?

The team at jaam automation are technical experts in the world of automation, with experience of successful implementation across a wide range of automation and AI technologies – including Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and AI Builder.


The jaam automation experts will work closely with you to understand your organisation’s unique requirements, then design and implement your bespoke automation solution using the tools provided within Microsoft Power Platform.


Using Microsoft Power Apps as a primary component, the jaam technology experts add and integrate other tools as needed to make the new business app really sing, including Power Automate to set up automated workflows, Power BI for the integration of real-time business data and AI Builder to augment human effort with the latest artificial intelligence processes.


Need to integrate with other line of business systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, finance and HR systems, or marketing automation tools? The OpenAPI within Power Apps makes this a straightforward process.

Working with jaam automation to develop use of the Microsoft Power suite provides:

Microsoft PowerPlatform

Want to automate with Microsoft Power Platform? 

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Focus on Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and AI Builder


Power Apps

A low-code application development platform that can be deployed for any device, Power Apps builds professional apps to address specific challenges in your business. Automated workflows and integration with diverse data sources can be built-in easily.

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Power Automate

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate allows you to create and automate workflows, make business process more efficient and vastly reduce the repetitive tasks that take up lots of time.

PowerBI scalable

Power BI

A business analytics tool, with in-built AI capabilities, that brings all an organisation’s data together and provides real-time, instant reporting to help inform business decisions.

microsoft AI Builder icon

AI Builder

Create custom AI models or train the pre-built AI model to meet specific business requirements, helping your organisation to automate processes and harvest data insights from the Power Platform tools you use.

These four blocks within the Microsoft Power Platform provide a powerful solution to automation within your organisation that streamlines operations, creates efficiency and provides analytical insights to inform business decisions.

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