Nintex Consultants

Nintex brings freedom and flexibility to businesses around the world. Nintex process mapping and workflow software has transformed the world of work. 


Jaam are Nintex consultants and solution experts .We partner with Nintex users to help their businesses optimise their existing softwares and take full advantage of everything there is to offer. 


With the Nintex Workflow Cloud update now also available, we work with businesses to upgrade their systems, without adding on complications. 

Manage Nintex updates, take advantage of Nintex workflow cloud
& work with expert Nintex consultants

Get more out of your software

Any tool or software is like a calculator: Unhelpful if you do not know how to use it.
Jaam's Nintex consulting services are designed to identify opportunities and optimise the way business deploy software, without additional complications.

Support, training & futureproofing

Lots of our projects are supporting teams through technology changes and Nintex updates. Our teams help to educate your people on how to use and take advantage of Nintex software. As future developments emerge, our Nintex consultants are on hand to advise your company on how to move forwards.

The most experienced Nintex Consultants

Jaam are so proud to be premium partners with Nintex. Many of our team members previously worked internally before moving on to found Jaam. Working with our expert Nintex consultants, our partners get access to unparalleled knowledge & experience.

Business Operations

Managing Nintex updates

Nintex are technology leaders and are constantly developing and progressing the tools that have transformed so many businesses. We work with incumbant users through Nintex upadtes and upgrades. Providing peace of mind, training and a streamlined experience.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Update

Microsoft has indicated that it plans to wind down support for the SharePoint workflow engine in Office365. Many Nintex customers rely on these workflows to manage and run their business-critical processes. As a result, customers of this product will need to upgrade to next generation automation platform, Nintex Workflow Cloud. 


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