Process Mapping

Establish total visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp®. Use visual process mapping software to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve your processes – all with one easy-to-use platform. 

  • Turn complex process maps, Visio charts, and procedure documents into clean, simple, and accessible process maps. 
  • Create consistent and compliant process maps with the visibility to easily change and improve individual processes. 
  • Personalise dashboards to bookmark the processes and actions that are most relevant to you. 

Why use process mapping?

Business Operations

Bring business operations to life

Evaluate and improve your processes with simple navigation and process ownership tools. Personalise your dashboard with filters, edit, or approve processes with just one click. For users, it's quick and easy to get up and running, with no formal training required.


Eliminate process inefficiencies

Empower your team to effectively collaborate and optimise processes with fully configurable tags. Lean reporting and real-time recalculations enable better flexibility and accountability. Create configurable variation lists to standardise your processes across global teams.


Collaborate with real-time feedback

Simple, yet powerful, collaboration tools make it easy to share team updates and receive feedback in real-time. Automated changelogs, RACI table updates, and stakeholder email notifications increase process auditability and drive engagement.


Quickly approve process changes

Configure approvers, stakeholders, and editors to approve changes to your process with just one click. Improve risk management by embedding control points into live processes. Establish mandatory sign-off, escalations, and notifications directly from your dashboard.

Deliver a better customer experience.

An up-to-date, easy to understand process knowledge-base will drive improved process execution, and a more consistent level of service delivery. This means happier customers – your customer service will be more efficient and more consistent, no matter who is serving the customer.

Simplify risk and compliance management.

The better you understand a process the better you can predict and protect its weaknesses. Simplify audits, compliance, and certification – create and update process and procedure content faster with process maps that are generated from text and can be dynamically updated and easily shared with external auditors.


Eliminate the costly, time-consuming cycle of large scale ‘catch-up’ initiatives.

Increase efficiency and productivity.

Better execution and less time spent identifying, investigating and responding to issues caused by process breakdowns.


New staff are more productive, faster. And they learn the correct way to do things right from the start.


Essential intellectual capital remains within your organisation, even if key staff move on. Process knowledge should grow over time rather than erode with each departure.