Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Take back control of your healthcare service with robotic process automation from the experts. 

Complete labour-intensive tasks quicker than ever before, completely remove repetitive work and automate manual functions with Jaam.

Automation in the healthcare industry radically reduces human errors. It gives your team the time to diagnose faster, to speak to patients for longer and frees up the budget to provide better care for everyone, including your own team.

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3 Steps to RPA Success


To achieve total business optimisation you need to know what needs automating, the resources and timelines required and your ROI. Using a combination of process mining, process mapping, and the jaam discover methodology, we have you covered.


The jaam team combines deep technology expertise and project experience to ensure successful delivery. If you need help with establishing an RPA practice or solving a specific business problem, our team are on hand to help.


We work as ongoing robotic process automation consultants for our clients., although we prefer to think of ourselves as partners. Our membership schemes mean we can support you as you grow your use of RPA over time.

Automating in the healthcare industry is going to change the way you’re able to treat patients

Patient care is always going to be your top priority. 

Introducing automation won’t depersonalise how you work with the people you treat. It gives you more time to spend with them. Robotic process automation in healthcare allows you to focus on the people in front of you, rather than the paperwork that needs to be completed. 

It’s not just the business that benefits from digitising operations. Patients enjoy simplified booking, better access to the information and resources they need, improved communications and more face-to-face time that they need.

  • Increase efficiency 
  • Simplify processes
  • Support patient pathways
  • Drive accuracy
  • Improve patient experience
  • Free up funds
  • Reduce wait times
  • Improve team morale 
  • Meet compliance standards
  • Increase revenue margins


Jaam are automation experts. The hottest technologies, finest skills and best people have come together to establish Jaam - a company that puts people at the forefront of automation and robotic processes. We believe that businesses are human. The solutions we build are designed to support the people within your organisation.


Successful transformation can only be achieved using the right tools for the right job. Jaam supports businesses like yours from idea through to automation, starting with the best and most appropriate software. We bring our deep bench of technology and experience to ensure the best possible result for every project.


Purchasing your technology is only half the process. Now it’s time to deliver. Here at Jaam, our automation consultants will help you cross the line and ensure you achieve what you set out to. From building robots to project management, mapping process to automating workflows, Jaam delivers value for your organisation.

Automation can be intimidating. At Jaam, we don’t want it to be.

Still not sure how you can implement automation in healthcare?

According to some resources, work that can be performed by robotic process automation in healthcare can account for 60% of operating expenses. 


The pandemic has seen so many healthcare operations, whether you’re a private optician or an IVF clinic, struggle to evolve. With operational costs rising and staffing complexities, it’s never been harder but more important to provide the best possible service. Add on legacy processes that rely on manual, in-person processes probably means you’re facing so many unnecessary problems. 


Robotic process automation is the inevitable future of healthcare. New technology gives you back the control that has been lost over the last 2 years and will allow you to find a way forward. 


Our team will work closely with your team to create personalised automations that suit your needs. With over 20 years experience in automation, we will support you throughout this project. We won’t just implement a change and leave you to it. We’ll work with you to build trust with the technology and optimise operations from there.


Let us show you what we can do and how we can help your team and the people you care for.  Get in touch for a chat.

Ready for a solution?

What is automation in healthcare?

Automation in healthcare means applying technology to accelerate and improve the efficiency of processes in almost any department, from finance to patient care services. Tools and software can be customised to support any medical service or operation style with the aim of tackling all the common concerns in the healthcare industry – from managing costly missed appointments to organising a complex workforce. 

Should automation be used in healthcare?

The short answer is yes. Automation in healthcare actually reduces human error whilst promoting appointment attendance and increasing the quality of follow up care. Automation can be integrated to any operational aspects of the healthcare industry, without interfering with the in person or remote patient experience, which is still kept with the doctors and specialists. 

What are the benefits of automation in healthcare?

The healthcare sector is bogged down in process and paper work – even if it is digitised. Automation in healthcare means saving money. It means reducing workload for staff. It means quicker results for patients, better attendance rates, better staff retention rates. 


Automation in healthcare isn’t necessarily about improving the medical technology installed at practices and clinics. Like with any business in almost any other industry, automation can be leveraged to improve administration, customer service or patient care, compliance documentation, and billing. 

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