Every organisation has process. From sales to support or HR to finance, work needs to flow. Our extensive background in process automation and our ability to provide best of breed workflow automation technologies allows you to digitise your processes. The bottom line – we help you to orchestrate people, robots, and data.

The core pillars of automated workflow


Workflows gives you the ability to automate processes in your organisation, using a drag and drop designer, that orchestrate tasks across people, robots, and other line of business systems.

User interface

On top of your workflows your users need a way to interact with them. This is where the drag and drop user interface designer steps in - allowing you to easily create great user experiences for your workflows.


Data is at the core of any workflow or user interface. It allows users to view important data as the action work items or workflows to take the right path to completion. The integration layers on our platforms are designed explicitly for this.


Where are we in a given workflow? Where are the bottlenecks, or areas we need to improve? Our platforms' analytics engines make it easy to have access to process data, enabling you to continuously improve.

Why adopt Workflow?

Connect your business

Organisations can have hundreds of internal systems and software solutions, many of which live in a silo, unconnected to the cross organisational business process they may need to support. From HR to Finance, Sales to Support, businesses need workflows that span departments, tie together globally dispersed teams, and make use of the rich and valuable data your organisation has – bringing the data out of the silo. Our workflow platforms allows you to connect the dots and orchestrate processes that make sense for your organisation – and increase it’s value.

Provide better customer service

With the vast amount of choice and competition in many verticals, customers are more demanding than ever. Services can be easily switched on or off, and the key to being successful is to provide not only the best product, but the best customer experience. Workflows and process automation allow you to streamline your internal processes to deliver more for your customers. Workflows offer the ability to respond faster, reduce friction, and increase collaboration between your organisation and the people you serve.

Improve visibility

As we look to create more value as organisations, we need data. But not only to have the data, but to be able to use it to understand the markets that we are in, know where we need to invest more time and energy, decide what is working and what isn’t, present where we can make efficiencies in process and where we can improve quality of output – in short, analyse how effective are we being. Our platform offerings provide this data, giving you the ability to make better decisions that increase value.

Our workflow partner

Nintex is the global standard for process management and automation. Today more than 10,000 public and private sector organizations across 90 countries turn to the Nintex Platform to accelerate progress on their digital transformation journeys by quickly and easily managing, automating and optimising business processes.