Justin Smith

Justin Smith

I'm Justin, Head of Finance, People and Operations at jaam. Our goal is to help companies, departments, and individual users be more effective through automation by combining great people and great technology.

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How To Handle HR Department Automation

When we speak about streamlining business processes, there are many different parts of the modern business which can benefit tremendously from using automation software, but you would be hard pressed to find a department which could benefit more than Human Resources. 


The key driver behind this is the benefits your entire team can enjoy. 


Traditionally, the workload of your typical HR department is paper and process heavy. It involves multiple touch points and deals with sensitive information that often cannot be widely shared. This often results in an overworked internal HR team; bottlenecks being formed in relation to critical information which ultimately could lead to a poor employee experience within your company, high turnover and costly new hire processes. 


Fortunately, there are so many new and innovative ways to drive automation within HR and very often these can be implemented at a reasonable cost with significant positive impact to your business; From reducing manual work to improving and streamlining document creation, below are a few examples of how you can automate and improve within your HR team:


Remove repetitive work

Removing manual and repetitive work being performed by your team members, using the power of Robotic Process Automation – any manual process can be replicated by a robot which will save time, reduce errors and remove the grunt work from your team member, freeing them up to perform more meaningful tasks. Think onboarding, reviews, data management, attendance tracking and compliance – there are so many possibilities for this type of automation.


Human-proof document creation


Streamlining manual and laborious document creation is key to an efficient and effective department, both internally and in relation to how your employees perceive HR. Imagine never having to manually type out or edit an offer letter, CV template or benefits document again? This is what Document Generation software can offer, alongside many other tangible advantages.


Take advantage of technology


Is your team swamped by internal email or chat type requests for information? This is not unusual within an HR department and there is always someone out there looking for their leave balance, their benefit allocation or simply an important document. Solve this challenge by leveraging an intelligent chatbot who can share this information with your staff or stakeholders at any time of day or night, removing mundane tasks from your team and offering a superior employee experience.


These RPA solutions and use cases are just a few of the many ways that you can turn your department from a people intensive function into a more efficient and outwardly beneficial business partner to your organisation – not to mention the employee satisfaction that your own team would benefit from by being able to focus on their people, rather than spending hours of their day on admin.


One of the typical challenges of this kind of initiative is not knowing where to start – you’re not alone! We advise starting small, understanding your needs and requirements and taking that well planned step into the world of a new and exciting automated world, cementing your department’s place in the digital world.