Can intelligent automation transform healthcare?

Free Whitepaper: Intelligent Automation in Healthcare | Opportunities for Private Healthcare Providers

Intelligent automation has the power to truly transform private healthcare practices

The experts at jaam automation have used published research, survey data, third party reports and professional opinions to pull together this whitepaper aimed at helping private healthcare providers to understand more about the opportunities presented by intelligent automation.

In this unbiased whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The key challenges facing healthcare providers
  • How automation can play a key role in addressing these challenges
  • Which technologies enable automation in healthcare
  • How to combine technologies to enable intelligent automation
  • Example use cases for automation in healthcare
  • Automation best practice

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare provides a robust account of common healthcare challenges coupled with explanations of the technologies and processes that can help alleviate them. It is a must read for senior management in private healthcare practices intent on making efficiencies that positively impact patient care.

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“Intelligent automation delivers business outcomes on behalf of the employees, working hand-in-hand with them to deliver faster, better, cheaper services. This improves not only the employee experience, but also the customer experience.”
Pascal Bornet
Intelligent automation expert, speaking to the World Economic Forum