Technical Advisory Services

At jaam, our team provide a range of specialist advisory services for companies that need tactical point advice outside of our membership packages.

What do we provide?

Pre-purchase technology suitability review

If you are looking to purchase new software and would like a helping hand reviewing your options and working out which is the best fit for your company and need, we can help.

Solution architecture review

Multi-platform and technology solutions can be hard to architect. We bring years of solution architecture experience and skills to help ensure that you start off on the right track, or adjust as needed along the way as you implement your solution.

New to market product deep dives

The technology sector is booming with new products being delivered to market. If you are looking to invest in one of these and it is yet to be proven, our experts have years of technology product management experience and can help review and provide guidance on quality, potential, and fit in the competitive landscape.

Lean Six Sigma advisory services and project management

Our Lean and Six Sigma blackbelt team can help establish and grow Lean and Six Sigma cultures and practices, as well as run point Lean and Six Sigma projects to tackle those critical projects.

Bespoke technical consulting

One size does not fit all, if you have a technical consulting need give us a call and we will see if we can help, or refer you on to the right people if we don’t have the expertise.