Automate Employee Onboarding

Get off on the right foot and establish a positive, consistent impression with new talent and recruiters by introducing automation to your employee onboarding process. Has your business struggled to recruit and onboard since The Great Resignation? Are you now a fully-remote, geographically diverse company that need to improve and personalise your onboarding? Automation can help. And so can Jaam. 


Deploying automation software can speed up the onboarding process, saving valuable resources and maximising efficiency, but most importantly, making sure new hires feel supported, safe and comfortable in their new role, starting from day 1. 

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3 Steps to RPA Success


To achieve total business optimisation you need to know what needs automating, the resources and timelines required and your ROI. Using a combination of process mining, process mapping, and the jaam discover methodology, we have you covered.


The jaam team combines deep technology expertise and project experience to ensure successful delivery. If you need help with establishing an RPA practice or solving a specific business problem, our team are on hand to help.


We work as ongoing robotic process automation consultants for our clients., although we prefer to think of ourselves as partners. Our membership schemes mean we can support you as you grow your use of RPA over time.

Establish a supportive, personalised onboarding process that puts people first with automation.

There are two main reasons any business hires someone new: they are to replace someone, or a new position has been created because of growth or new business direction. Either way, the in-situ team need new hires to be up to speed as soon as possible to fill those gaps. Employee onboarding automation accelerates the timeline between start date and fully active member of staff by cutting out manual training-schedule creation, email reminders, introductions and so much more. 


Give your new hire the opportunity to make a positive first impression and ensure your existing team has the time to make them feel welcome with intelligent, robotic process automation designed just for your business. Automation for onboarding can be designed to minimise the learning phase and to maximise productivity without compromising on quality and skill. 


At Jaam, we put people at the heart of every technology and every new implementation, so we prefer to think of automation for employee onboarding as freeing up time and resource to provide a personalised and people-focused start to a new role. 



Jaam are automation experts. The hottest technologies, finest skills and best people have come together to establish Jaam - a company that puts people at the forefront of automation and robotic processes. We believe that businesses are human. The solutions we build are designed to support the people within your organisation.


Successful transformation can only be achieved using the right tools for the right job. Jaam supports businesses like yours from idea through to automation, starting with the best and most appropriate software. We bring our deep bench of technology and experience to ensure the best possible result for every project.


Purchasing your technology is only half the process. Now it’s time to deliver. Here at Jaam, our automation consultants will help you cross the line and ensure you achieve what you set out to. From building robots to project management, mapping process to automating workflows, Jaam delivers value for your organisation.

Automation can be intimidating. At Jaam, we don’t want it to be.

First Impressions Really Count

Research from Human Resource organisations indicates that onboarding is crucial for retaining employees, but also for getting the most out of them throughout their service. During the first few days and weeks of a new hire coming on board, decisions are being made about how long they will work with you and just how much of their talent and effort they really are going to bring to the workplace. It’s on both parties to make a great impression. 


Automating employee onboarding or introducing any automation into HR, must be handled strategically but also sensitively. Employees are really what shape a business’ culture and we do not want technology to overwrite any of that. Jaam pair great people with awesome technologies that will really make a difference to your business. We have over 20 years’ experience deploying intelligent software that boost employees skill level, improve length of service and quality and consistency of work, not to mention create better, happier environments. If you’re still wondering about how automating employee onboarding can make a difference, get in touch with our team. We would love to talk to you about the work we do. 


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