Robotic Process Automation in Banking

Intelligently upgrade your operations by introducing robotic process automation in banking. 


Banking RPA allows you to strengthen your offering, get more value out of every relationship and forge a new way forwards for your business. Automation is liberating for businesses in any sector; take back time, invest in your staff, improve productivity and output. The benefits are endless and widespread. 


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3 Steps to RPA Success


To achieve total business optimisation you need to know what needs automating, the resources and timelines required and your ROI. Using a combination of process mining, process mapping, and the jaam discover methodology, we have you covered.


The jaam team combines deep technology expertise and project experience to ensure successful delivery. If you need help with establishing an RPA practice or solving a specific business problem, our team are on hand to help.


We work as ongoing robotic process automation consultants for our clients., although we prefer to think of ourselves as partners. Our membership schemes mean we can support you as you grow your use of RPA over time.

Automate banking and optimise operations, now.

Finance and the banking industry have reportedly spent more than $300 billion on compliance operations over the last decade. Keeping up with regulation changes and the labour of ticking those boxes takes time. 


Robotic process automation in banking can help you recover that money spent on keeping up. Take charge, eliminate errors and ensure every single task is traceable with intelligently deployed technology. 

  • Improve efficiency
  • Maintain & protect compliance
  • Futureproof banking 
  • Increase profitability
  • Upskill teams
  • Avoid human error
  • Scale easily and effortlessly


Jaam are automation experts. The hottest technologies, finest skills and best people have come together to establish Jaam - a company that puts people at the forefront of automation and robotic processes. We believe that businesses are human. The solutions we build are designed to support the people within your organisation.


Successful transformation can only be achieved using the right tools for the right job. Jaam supports businesses like yours from idea through to automation, starting with the best and most appropriate software. We bring our deep bench of technology and experience to ensure the best possible result for every project.


Purchasing your technology is only half the process. Now it’s time to deliver. Here at Jaam, our automation consultants will help you cross the line and ensure you achieve what you set out to. From building robots to project management, mapping process to automating workflows, Jaam delivers value for your organisation.

Automation can be intimidating. At Jaam, we don’t want it to be.

Still not sure about robotic process automation in banking? Let Jaam convince you.

Banking might be considered a traditional institution, but in order to compete with fintech alternatives and huge corporations, any business must take advantage of technology. The best bit about banking being a traditional institution? That there will be so many opportunities to rethink and automate the way you work. 


Automations are built bespoke for businesses; there is no value in horseshoeing a one-size-fits-all solution. At Jaam, we are consultants. We get to know your operation and the people that power it. Our automation experts can then apply over 20 years of knowledge to identify quick wins and automation opportunities. 


Robotic process automation in banking does not have to completely re-engineer the way you work. We help you keep your niche and help you do what you do, but better, quicker and more efficiently. Jaam Automation works with single departments or problem areas as well as entire multinational organisations. 


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