Anton du Toit

Anton du Toit

I'm Anton, Head of Customer Success at jaam. My goal is to help companies, departments, and individual users be more effective through automation by combining great people and great technology.

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The proof is in the pudding…

Back in the day, people said it this way: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This expression means that the best way to find out if something is good or successful is to experience it yourself…  


At jaam we know that there is a lot of noise around who can do what to solve your automation challenges and meet your automation ambitions. Our goal is to not only tell you, but to work alongside you, and practically prove out what will work best as you experience it. 


There are two key factors to solving automation challenges, people who can solve them and the technology that helps you do it. And the people are key. I’ve been working in this space for many years and have worked with a multitude of great people who have had ambitions to use automation to do things better, faster, more efficiently and accurately while in the process hopefully saving or making their companies some money too. And behind all the successful ones, there were always people with positive ambition and stern resolve to make it work.  


Starting with your ideas, jaam can help you by bringing together the right people and the right technologies to truly deliver on your automation ambitions. Our aim at jaam is to be a trusted partner, drawing alongside you, to listen to your challenges and ideas, and not only finding solutions for those but also to help you get to a successful outcome.  


We want to help you deliver value by bringing together great people and great technology.  


We’re excited to get things going. We believe we have an excellent team and the right partners to really make a difference for you.  


We are looking forward to chatting with you on how we can help.  

Let’s jaam!