Anton du Toit

Anton du Toit

I'm Anton, Head of Customer Success at jaam. My goal is to help companies, departments, and individual users be more effective through automation by combining great people and great technology.

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How To Transform Your Customer Experience using RPA and Practical AI

Customer Experience is an ingrained perception about a product, service, company, or brand. If you are unable to hit the mark or meet expectations, you run the risk of delivering poor service or even stand to lose customers.


To make sure that you keep your current customers and increase your base by word of mouth, you need to make your customers feel important, successful and create a personal and meaningful journey.


The above is very often easier said than done in many organizations due to workload, time constraints, manual processes, and headcount limitations. Digital and process automation is becoming a necessity to stay competitive, especially in the current pandemic situation where we are all becoming accustomed to doing more with less.


Innovation and automation are a must for today’s business to stay one step ahead and to be consistent in the service experience that they provide. 


Below are a few ways that RPA and Practical AI can improve customer experience, both within your team and from a customer facing perspective.


  • Free up your workforce to provide more value-adding services that will help your business grow.
  • With an RPA bot performing mundane and repetitive tasks, employees can spend more time understanding customer needs and resolving their queries.
  • Faster and more robust reporting results in customers being more informed, more involved and queries can be dealt with timeously.
  • Less errors and accuracy can be driven by using automation, ensuring data accuracy, both internally and client facing.
  • Intelligent Chatbots drive down response times and allow a multitude of customers to be served at the same time. This is true for both external customers and internal teams looking for critical information.
  • Quicker response and turnaround times due to efficiencies created by automation – customers and consumers have high service level expectations which are often difficult to meet without making changes to your current processes.

Another major advantage of using RPA as part of your digitization strategy is that legacy systems are primed for the use of bots for automation. There is often a fear factor within departments across various functional parts of a business that by embarking on an automation project, legacy systems will need to be replaced. On the contrary, most legacy systems are perfect candidates for RPA – anything that is currently done manually within these systems can be performed by a bot.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what can be done by using automation to improve your customer experience – start small and brainstorm with us by engaging on either a Discover or Solve package and we’ll show you the art of the possible!